Our concept is simple, we place your ads in the store right on top of the gondola right where your product is placed! In the right store at the right time.

Remember last time you were watching your favorite movie or program. Advertising would interrupt from time to time with some “pop” product. Annoying? We want to switch from invasive advertising to helpful and beneficial way of attracting target’s attention so it works in unison with your targeting agenda and their lifestyle. 



We have designed our media vehicle to reach and engage hundreds of thousands captive audiences each week throughout prime retail locations (primarily supermarkets) around the island!

We offer complete beginning-to-end solutions for advertiser including: art development, print, installation, maintenance and supervision.


In-store strategies that bring people closer to your brand: Our passion is to reach people you want to reach, understanding bolts and nuts of purchasing decision making, we design campaign , and then custom strategies that bring them closer to your brand. This can go beyond merely establishing a presence – it means building experiences and communities that allow you to connect with people in meaningful ways through at-the-shelf dialogue, interactivity and value exchange.


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